Our »Plateau« shelving is manufactured from powder-coated steel. Not only does the powder coating make the steel used visually very appealing, it also protects it against environmental impacts such as corrosion or adverse weather conditions and even makes it scratch proof and shock resistant.

»Plateau« comes in five standard colours, further colours from our range available upon


The Echtstahl product range is upholstered with processed wool felt made from merino sheep's wool. Wool felt is a renewable raw material that is recyclable and sustainable. Felt is a temperature-resistant, heat-insulating, soundproof, non-flammable and fully biodegradable natural material.

Felt does not absorb odours, and if the felt becomes stained, it can be wiped clean with a damp cloth without any problem. Little snarls that may occur as the felt is used over time should not be pulled out but only cut off at the surface. This will ensure the felt's lasting beauty and avoid colour alterations.

In addition to our products felt standard colours further colours from our range available upon