• 123 Bar table, jet black

    »123« Bar table, jet black

  • 123 Bistro table, light grey

    »123« Bistro table, light grey

  • 123 Side table, Materialmix

    »123« Side table, wood, Tischbein wood, jet black

  • 123 Bistro table, Materialmix

    »123« Bistro table, jet black, wood

  • 123 Side table, wood

    »123« Side table, wood

  • 123 Side table, light grey

    »123« Side table, light grey

  • 123 Bar table, Materialmix

    »123« Bar table, wood, jet black, jet black

  • 123 Bar table, wood

    »123« Bar table, wood



European maple wood, 19mm-thick. Powder-coating make the steel used visually very appealing, it also protects it against environmental impacts such as corrosion or adverse weather conditions and even makes it scratch proof and shock resistant.

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Powder coating available in five colours 

Side table   45cm (Ø), 42cm (H)
Bistro table   65cm (Ø), 74cm (H)
Bar table   55cm (Ø), 110cm (H)

Further colours available upon